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Pedro Castro Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.3
KooRaRoo Media lets you organize, stream and convert your media files. The application has an attractive modern interface that provides easy access to basic features. Organizing your media files is as easy as telling the program where you store the files and let it index them automatically. After indexing is complete, you can browse your files in a tree view according to media type and other categories. You can also edit file tags to modify the way files are organized. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to create new categories. Luckily, the program allows you to create static and dynamic playlists, thus you can stream media without needing to return to your computer all the time.

While there are many media organizers around, in my opinion the true power of KooRaRoo Media is derived from its features that allow streaming media to other devices. It has everything that is necessary to exploit the UPnP and DLNA technologies available in modern devices and create a home media network. A media server allows you to stream contents to compatible devices while the program can automatically detect the connected media-rendering devices. According to the developers, the list of devices is constantly being updated so that newly released gadgets can use the program’s services with no difficulty. In order to play a given file or playlist, it suffices to use the Play Locally or Play to Device buttons. In the latter case, a list of connected devices will appear, from which you can easily select the intended one. In case the source media file format is not compatible with a given device, the program can automatically transcode them to a supported format without even requiring your intervention. In addition, you can use a URL to stream contents that can even be played on a modern web browser.

In general, KooRaRoo Media is an excellent application. It has been carefully conceptualized and developed to be both powerful and intuitive. Therefore, it is a program I strongly recommend .


  • It has a nice interface.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It can detect devices automatically.
  • It can transcode files to make them compatible with the target device.
  • It supports a long list of devices.
  • It can stream media using a URL.
  • It lets you organize your media files easily.


  • You cannot create customized categories.
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Publisher's description

KooRaRoo Mediaâ„¢ allows you to enjoy your movies, music and photos on a wide range of devices at your home, including modern TVs, Blu-Ray players (BDPs), games consoles (PS3 and XBox360), mobile tablets, smart phones and dedicated media players that support DLNA.

Main features:

- Organize your content in files and folders to suit the way you use them! Create your own playlists that grow automatically with your collection, that allow you to quickly find and play The Rolling Stone's Wild Horses or video from last year's vacation on your device. KooRaRoo works your way - lots of power with full control.
- Stream media on any type of network to all your devices - ethernet (wired), wireless or even powerline (homeplug). KooRaRoo doesn't limit the number of concurrent connections, and can work with as much of your network bandwidth as is available.
- Blocking private content is simple, even just on certain devices using the software's MPAA-based parental ratings. You can choose to block access to a folder or even individual files. You can even completely block specific devices from accessing the media server at all.
- Push content from within KooRaRoo Media. This allows you to start playing any file on a compatible digital media renderer device with literally a single mouse click (this also called Play To).
- Fast and efficient processing means no delays while browsing your media library from multiple devices - even if they're in use at the same time.
- Easy to use interface allows you to manage all aspects of your media library and devices. All the information you need is at hand, and the software allows you to quickly see everything you need, including the status of current streaming and transcoding.